Top Case 8 - March 28, 1986: Zayre’s Department Store, Baden, PA PDF Print E-mail

March 28, 1986: Zayre’s Department Store, Baden, PA – "Attempted theft foiled by duct tape"


zayreAt approximately 3:00 pm I observed three young males entering the store as I was returning from the Post Office. They went straight to the Brand Name Value Center (Electronics Dept.) and after about 5 minutes attempted to steal the Goldstar VCR display model that was on top of the counter. Unknown to them, the VCR was secured to the counter with its electrical cord taped to the back legs of the counter with duct tape. From the security window above the department I watched as the subjects made repeated attempts but could not break it loose. One of the three finally did go behind the counter, and picked up another less expensive VCR (an Emerson) that was still in the box. All three left the store with this VCR even after I did a security page. I approached the subjects just as they stepped off the front sidewalk. All three began to run as I pursued and yelled “Drop it!” which the one carrying the VCR did. I stopped to make sure a customer could watch it for me, and then I continued after the suspects. They did manage to get away in a silver sports car, license # ______, white numerals on a blue background. The value of the VCR recovered was $447.

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