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August 8,1987: Zayre's Department Store, Baden, PA - "Customer Assists in Apprehending Shoplifting Suspect"


zayreI observed the subject conceal merchandise on his person, then leave the store without intending or attempting to pay for the item. Once outside I stopped the subject and attempted to identify myself but he began to run. As he ran I yelled for him to drop the merchandise, which he did. I slowed down to pick up the stolen item and continued to chase the subject, but now he had a good lead on me as he headed past the end of the shopping center. As I was running past the fitness center a woman who had just exited the center was getting into her car. I ran over, identified myself and asked if she could assist me. She immediately said "Get in!" As she drove, I directed her where to turn so we could catch up to the suspect. We turned left to exit the parking lot, drove up several blocks, then turned right, and as we headed down the street I could see the suspect coming towards us. He was still running, although much slower now and unsuspecting that anyone was following. I got out of the car, thanked the driver (who was probably more excited than I was) and immediately ran up to and caught the suspect as he had nothing left to try and run away again. I wrestled him to the ground and held him there in the front yard of someone's house until an officer from the Baden Police Department arrived and placed him under arrest.

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