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November 10,1984: Zayre's Department Store, Butler, PA - "Back-up arrives to help chase down suspect"


zayreI first observed the subject as he entered the store. About ten minutes earlier, I had received a call from Montgomery Ward Security to be on the lookout for an individual fitting the subject's description. Now that he had been spotted, I had an associate return the call to inform Ward's Security that the subject was now in my store. He was carrying a beige colored jacket or shirt over his arm as he headed back to the Electronics Department. Once there he looked at cordless phones and selected a display model from off the shelf. He then placed it under his jacket and walked out of the department. He proceeded up the middle of the store, then turned right and left the store without intending or attempting to pay for the item. I approached the subject in the parking lot, but before I could identify myself, he saw me coming and started to run. He threw the phone underneath a nearby car and headed for Alameda Park. I made sure I recovered the phone before pursuing the subject. After I retrieved the phone, I ran back to the store and handed it to an associate. Just then, a car squealing tire and moving fast pulled into the parking lot with both security officers from Montgomery Ward inside. They slowed down, opened the passenger side door of the car, and I jumped in. The subject was now far ahead of us but we quickly caught up to him as we sped over to the park. We got out of the car preparing to chase the subject on foot. He initially attempted to hide in the tall grass but he surrendered to us and returned to the store without incident He was later charged by Butler Township Police with retail theft. Value of the phone recovered - $119.

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